Safety and health

Our concerted focus on health and safety is highlighted by the significant reduction in medical treatment cases and lost time injuries over the last five years.

The Tailings Scavenging Plant is classified as a medium hazard safety classification. Against this backdrop, we conduct three-monthly inspections together with contractors and a professional civil engineer; the latter conducts an annual audit and an annual report is submitted to the Department of Minerals, Resources and Energy in South Africa.

Number of medical treatment cases (“MTC”) and lost time injuries rate (“LTIR”)


Our environment

PPM’s operations are located adjacent to the protected Pilanesberg Nature Reserve. There have been no significant incidents recorded which have impacted the nature reserve. We continue to implement stringent compliance tools and technical measures to identify potential failures and prevent future incidents.

In the light of rapidly accelerating climate change, identifying and implementing addition energy-efficiency initiatives is a priority and is part of our commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We have entered into an agreement with National Cleaner Production Centre of SA (NCPC-SA) to implement Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production (RECP). This global initiative will help us to improve our energy efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint.

Energy direct and indirect CO2 equivalent emissions

050100150200250300350675851474124028124929623328421227020627220172018201920202021Indirect emissions tC02e (scope 2)Direct emissions tC02e (scope 1)Total tC02e (scope 1 + 2)C02 Equivalent, Ktonnes
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